Friday, April 08, 2005

BBC or Reuters

The more I listen and read, the less I get to like the BBC and the more I get to like Reuters.

Often it is because of particular reports. For example, I've never quite liked the reports by Judy Swallow of the BBC. She cuts people off and seems to be totally open to the spread of mis-information of all kinds. Since she is such a strong presenter, I'm not sure whether it is her editorial staff to blame or she herself as the presenter and shaper of the news. She is one of those few presenters that I know who seem to be a real shaper of the news that comes. In other words, her selections and mode of presentation are very skilled to push a particular view (i.e. hers) while sounding quite professional.

This is in sharp contrast to reporting by Retuers.

Could this great gap in reporting quality be due to the independence clauses built into Retuers' corporate structure that give Reuters' reporters and editors such a great edge over the ones at the BBC?

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Jawad al-Khalisi on the War

For The Guardian, Jawad al-Khalisi has written a very compelling essay on the war.