Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Scientist Talks to Hark Talk

BBC's Hard Talk is in the habit of hard talk with people in politics.

Now, Hard Talk talks to Michio Kaku about the end of the world and cosmology.

Kaku gives a taste of his examination of the limitations of the idea of the uni-verse and advances the concept of multi-verse. (Multi-verse is a great concept and matches very well with incompleteness theorem in logic, where multiple models support the same "facts" but each also facts that are in contradiction with innumerable number of facts in innumerable other models.)

Kaku also resolves various imaginary contradictions some people insist exist between modern cosmology and traditional religious accounts, or I should have liked to say theosophy.

However, he ends with some questionable categorization of civilizations. That's where he talks beyond his expertise. For he seems to claim he knows what he does not and cannot know in the created world.

In general, his future-telling about human civilization is the weakest point of his arguments.

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