Monday, June 19, 2006

اولين جمله اولين تکه وبلا گ فارسی

اولين جمله اولين تکه وبلا گ فارسی من خيلی طول کشید. اززهره برای نشان دادن آریا نویس متشکرم.....

Thanks go to Zohreh for pointing me to Aryanevis Persian editor.

There are still a few glitches but I think I'm on my way, and I'm fast learning the position of letters on the keyboard.

Pooya has now pointed me to Behdad's Persian editor, which comes with a nice large keyboard image making it useful to people like me who've not completely mastered the Persian letters' keyboard placement. Pooya also points to his own Javascript Persian editor, based on earlier work by Behdad.

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