Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lost In Translation

It may be lost in translation by some, but not to Jonathan Steele of The Guardian. Steele points to the following original in Persian. and goes over many of the more accurate translations.

Translation does indeed matter if the mis-translation is used as an argument for waging war. Ntohing can be worse than a war started because of intentional mis-representation and mis-translation. However, those who have been mis-translated again and again have grown weary of of fear.

I had only heard fragments of it but it was immediately obvious to me that the speaker was being intentionally misquoted and mistranslated.

A due respect to any language, and particularly a classical language such as Persian, demands proper and accurate translation.

I was only wondering when someone would dare to raise the issue and it looks like it has now been finally raised by someone for whom the actual truth matters.

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